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Dos Deka

Sergeant Kuroi Maya arrives at the Violent Crimes Investigation Section of Kawasaki Aozora Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. Soon after she takes up her new post, she digs up and exposes the past of a criminal who has besieged a building and taken hostages and solves the case in the blink of an eye. Maya’s boss, Shirokane Fujiko, and the rest are dumbfounded. Maya is a beautiful yet sadistic detective who excels at checking out information on others and using it as a weapon to corner the enemy. But she has no sense of loyalty to the police organisation, completely ignores rules and loves to see troubled looks on people’s faces. She became a detective so that she can torment bad people all she wants. One night, police officer Daikanyama Shusuke of Aozora Minami Police Box receives a phone call about hooligans rampaging at a disused factory and discovers a dead body at the site. The good-natured, earnest but careless Daikanyama happens to catch the attention of Maya, who has come to the scene for the investigation, and gets transferred to the Violent Crimes Investigation Section. Fujiko is irate that the personnel change was carried out without consulting her. But Maya disregards Fujiko, designates Daikanyama as her partner and goes out to investigate the case. While detectives Arisugawa Tsuneo and Kondo Tokuji are proceeding with the investigation of the hooligans who were seen around the disused factory, Maya finds the photograph of a beautiful girl in the room of the murdered man, Aoyama. She learns from the medical examiner who has dissected the body that the criminal had persistently battered the dead body after murder, and goes to question Igarashi, the assistant branch manager of the credit association where Aoyama had worked as a security guard. The unlucky Shusuke finds himself at the mercy of Maya’s extreme behaviour, but starts to make effort to solve the difficult cases which occur every day.

Genres: Drama



Country: Japan

Movie: Dos Deka

Production Co:


Release: 2015


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